Trying New Things

We always encourage Nicholas to try new things and usually he is adventurous enough to try anything. However, I really thought that sushi might be a bit much for him.

I made an oriental dinner last night and bought some California Roll sushi as an appetizer. Nicholas was intrigued with the way it looked but at first he seemed hesitant to try it. Stuart was excited about it and talked about how good it was. So then Nicholas, always wanting to be like Daddy, just couldn't wait to try it. He made a funny face when he first bit into it but we encouraged him to give it another try. He actually said it was good and finished the entire piece on his own.

Today we also tried something new but it wasn't nearly as much of a challenge as sushi. We checked out Cortdera Park, a newly remodeled park near the post office. It has a nice playground, a pond, and a big open field. The playground had some cool things we haven't seen before. Nicholas loved these climbing disks.

And I don't quite know if these are for walking on or swinging on but Nicholas enjoyed walking back and forth on them.

And the slides at this park were really cool! Wheeeee!

It's fun to try new things! We know of another remodeled park in town that we are going to try out soon.

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