Easter Extravaganza

The weather is gorgeous this weekend. Our church had wonderful Easter Extravaganza today. I took Rachel to enjoy the fun while Stuart took Nicholas to try out an archery bow that he thinks he wants for his birthday.

There was a egg hunt just for the little ones.

Rachel scooped up about 2 dozen eggs filled with candy and stickers.

She was a proud little egg hunter!

There was a live bunny and Rachel talked so sweetly as she petted it.

She sat for a posed picture with these baby bunnies but wouldn't look up from them for me to get a good picture. I think the church photographer got a good picture so I'm looking forward to seeing her pictures this weekend at church.

I tried to get her to hug the Easter Bunny but she wouldn't even stand next to him. She reached out as far as she could to just take candy from his basket!

Then we headed out to the bounce houses!

Her favorite of all was this camo colored obstacle course.

She could get through it pretty quickly.

The big slide at the end was super fun!

Back in line again! Fortunately the line was short and moved quickly.

She scurried through the entrance when her turn was up.

Through the X's...


And sliding. Repeat about 10 more times....

There were about 6 or so bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses for the kids. Rachel tried several of them but liked just bouncing in this small one with little kids.

She went kind of crazy with the bouncing at times.

Time for a candy break. Rachel popped open a few eggs to see what kind of treasures she had.

She loved the candy most of all.

We flew kites in the field. Well, at least we had fun trying to fly them!

We headed back inside to cool off with lemonade and snacks. Rachel opened more eggs and had fun playing with them. She pretended to wear them as headphones.

Then she called Nicholas on her egg phone!

Back outside, there was chalk art, a climbing wall and some fun booths. Rachel got her nails painted.

She wanted her face painted and chose a dog. Woof!

Cute and happy doggie!

Then she wanted her hair colored. She asked for red and blue. It was very colorful.

Unfortunately, we are supposed to be going out later today for pictures in the bluebonnet fields. I hope I she lets me wash this stuff out before then!

Those Cute Little Thumbprints

I love stamping my children's feet, hands, and thumbprints as keepsakes but here's a fun way to turn those prints into fun art work that the children will cherish too.

Find out more about our fun with Thumbprint Art at Quirky Momma!

Of course, once Rachel was done with our Thumbprint Art project, she went on to stamp her whole hand too.

Ink pads are just so much fun!

Casa Manana's Alice in Wonderland

Oh, we love our regular trips to Casa Manana Children's Theatre. We see several plays a year here and they are always wonderful.

Today we saw Alice In Wonderland Jr.

I wish I could show you the wonderful costumes and fun characters. However, we aren't allowed to take pictures during the production so I can only show you the stage before the show began. But you should really just get tickets and go see the show in all of it's awesomeness for yourself.

The kids had a blast and loved all the colorful characters. There was a little bit of dramatic license used for the story and songs but it was a fabulous production and great fun for kids.

Get your tickets now before it's gone. It only runs through Sunday, April 15th!

Casa MaƱana Theatre is located in the heart of the Cultural District at 3101 West Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107. For more information or tickets, please call the Box Office at 817-332-2272 or check out the Casa Manana website.

Messy, Messy Girl

Rachel has no fear of getting messy.

On the way home from Fort Worth, I gave each of the kids a little chocolate treat to enjoy for the ride. When we got home, Rachel was a bit of a chocolately mess!

I cleaned her up and then we headed to a park to meet up with friends.

Rachel was playing quietly with a friend of hers. I walked over to see what they were doing.

I was informed that they were making food for their babies. How is it that the other little girl is still clean but mine is covered from head to toe in dirty ashes?

Rachel went back to our table and got some ice to try to clean herself up.

I don't think the ice will do much. A garden hose might be needed this time!

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

We had a wonderful opportunity to go to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream. I was given four tickets to the show so that I could write a review for She Is Dallas. You can check out my review HERE.

The show is all about the Disney Princesses but Nicholas had fun too. I made sure he got a Disney Prince crown and we had plenty of glow sticks to play with.

I have an awesome video clip of the show finale but Stuart says I shouldn't post it because I would spoil it for you if are going to the show. I'll just say that it was really incredible!

Books on CD

We were at the library the other day and we stumbled upon the Books on CD section. Nicholas was excited to see a couple of CDs by Gary Paulsen. He is one of Nicholas' favorite authors.

Books on CD are a great way to spend some time while driving around in the car or listening to while building with LEGOS during quiet time. I'm surprised I never thought to seek these out for Nicholas before but I'm glad we've discovered them.


I was talking to Nicholas about reading and writing today. As we were reviewing the different types of books, I asked him what an autobiography was.

He paused for a moment then excitedly said, "Oh, I know! It's a book about a car guy like Stacey David on Gearz!"

Grapevine Wolves End of the Season Party

Hockey season is over. I'm bittersweet about it. It is time consuming with 1-2 practice sessions per week and 1 game per week. But we've made some great friends and had a lot of fun. I'm going to miss seeing everyone over the summer....although we might let Nicholas sign up for the summer league.

The team had an end of the season party on the ice today. They had some drill competitions with the team.

And family members could just skate around for free. I tried to skate but the rental skates were just too painful on my feet so I had to take them off and watch from the sidelines.

The Zamboni piled the scraped ice into a big pile so the kids could climb around and play in the "snow". Rachel had fun for about 5 minutes then decided it was too cold to roll around in that stuff. So Stuart just skated around with her for a while.

She does well with Stuart but doesn't skate far before she's ready to take a break and get off the ice.

We found the treats table. It had already been ravaged by the hungry boys but Rachel still found plenty of yummy things to chose from.

Then she played with her off-ice friends. I hope their big brothers will be back on the team next fall. Rachel is looking forward to their weekly playgroups at their big brothers' hockey games!