Princess Tea Party

I love it when Stuart and Nicholas go do guy stuff together. It let's me have some sweet time with just my baby girl.

Rachel loves it too. Before the boys are even out the door, she has already begun plans for our Princess Tea Party.

Of course a princess must dress in her finest attire to attend a royal tea party. Look at that big smile!

Baby dolls are invited as well. "Purple baby" even got to wear a purple crown.

I made a little plate of cookies for us while Rachel finished setting the table complete with pretend ketchup, milk, a teapot, measuring spoons, a slice of wooden bread, and faux votive candle. It was delightful!

Portrait of Daddy

Rachel drew her first portrait that actually looks like a person!

She told us that it is a picture of Daddy.

As she was finishing it up, she drew a line to attach the feet. She said it would keep his legs from breaking.

Stuart says it is a portrait of what he would look like as a Pez dispenser!

A Special Breakfast for Daddy

Our kids are super sweet.  On the weekends, they often make us toast for breakfast and deliver it to us in bed along with glasses of milk or orange juice.  Sometimes I think they are probably doing it just to hurry us along in getting out of bed but it is still a sweet thing they do for us.

Today I was up before Stuart.  When I made my way downstairs I found both kids working on a special breakfast for Daddy.  We didn't have donuts so they did the next best thing....

A bagel covered in melted green candy with chocolate sprinkles and mini marshmallows!

I'm sure this was mostly Nicholas' idea but Rachel is certainly good at hunting for sweets in the pantry so who knows.  They worked hard on Daddy's breakfast and were very proud of the "donut" and chocolate milk they had ready for him when he came to the table.