Youth Fire Academy

Nicholas got to attend Youth Fire Academy at our local fire station.  It was a four day class learning all the ins and outs of what the fire department does.  He learned about the history of the department, emergency medical services, and even fire investigation including meeting Ziva, their new arson dog!  

He got to shoot a real fire hose (with the pressure turned down so it didn't lift him off the ground!).  He also used a real extinguisher to put out a fire.  He learned about fire science and can identify every different emergency vehicle they have.  He saw the Jaws of Life and put on a full fireman's suit complete with a full air tank. He said it was heavy!  

His favorite part of the experience was getting to learn about CareFlite.  They spoke with the CareFlite pilots and got to sit in the helicopter.  He has decided that he wants to be a CareFlite pilot when he grows up!  I love exposing the kids to new experiences because you just never know what is going to jump out at them and create a new passion.

He made chocolate chip cookies for the firemen who taught the class.

This is Fireman Joe.  He not only won the Gold Medal at the World Polica and Fire Games in the bench press competition but he also set a new world record! 

Nicholas even got this cool Youth Fire Academy t-shirt!