Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Fun

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a wonderful Easter.  It started a few days early with the Coppell Home School Association's Easter Egg Hunt.  Here is the motley crew that came out to look for eggs laid by a rabbit.

This bunny didn't really hide his eggs.  They were just sort of randomly scattered around a field so it was a mad dash to just scoop up as many as you could.  In order to make it a little more fair, the little kids got to go out early and big kids had to wait a few minutes.  But when it was time to go, Nicholas was on the move!

Rachel ran around too gathering up the treat-filled goodies to fill up her basket.

Sweets for my sweetie.

Nicholas gathered up 22 eggs and apparently he got more than anyone else.  What was amazing is that he then went around passing out all of his eggs by sneakily dropping them into other kids' baskets.  He didn't even look in them to see if they had a treat that he liked before he gave them away.  He gave out all but one egg which had a Ninja Turtle theme on it.  

It was funny that his Minion-themed bucket actually looked cute upside down.  It looks like a minion with a mustache!

Easter Morning

Of course, at least for now, the Easter bunny still comes to our home on Easter morning.  The kids waited patiently upstairs until I could go down and get the camera.

They like that the Easter Bunny hides their baskets and they have to hunt for them.  

Nicholas had trouble finding his basket.  He eventually found it hiding UNDER all of his Nerf guns and play swords.

Ahh!  Sweet success!  They got some candy but also card games, puzzles, and a big pack of glow sticks.

Rachel had even more trouble finding her basket. She even shimmied behind the piano to look for it!

She was happy to have finally found it hiding in a cabinet.  She dug right into the big chocolate bunny!

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Trail Life USA Aquatics Badge

The Navigators and Adventurers in our Trail Life USA group worked on earning their Aquatics badge at the Denton Natatorium.  They had a wonderful lifeguard to help them go through each of the requirements.

The Aquatics badge is mostly about being safe and practicing rescues in the water.  They started off with probably the most unusual requirement.  They had to jump into the water being fully dressed (they were wearing swimsuits under their clothes).  

They had to remove their shoes and pants because those are instantly heavy and make it hard to stay afloat until rescue can come.  

Then they had to breathe into the neck of their shirt to inflate it to help with floatation as they treaded water.

They also learned about personal floatation devices (PFD) and they did some exercises while wearing them.

They swam laps.  I love that Nicholas had a smile on his face almost the whole time he was working on this badge.  He's a little fish. 

They had to demonstrate the Heat Escape Lessening Posture (HELP) for cold water survival.

They demonstrated the Huddle cold-water survival technique.

They had to demonstrate several different reach and throw rescues.

They also completed more laps, dives, and floatation techniques including this challening one where they had to float on their stomach for  3 minutes!

Nicholas loves Trail Life USA.  It teaches character and outdoor skills while growing young boys into Godly men and leaders.  For more information about Trail Life USA, please visit their website: