Sunday, June 7, 2015

Family Bike Ride at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

We love going for bike rides as a family.  It's fun and good exercise but we also get to explore some cool trails.  Today we spent a few hours at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano. 

During one of our breaks for water, Nicholas brought me a small bouquet of Indian Blanket.  It made for a nice decoration on the front of my bike, and it looked cute on top of my little red first aid kit that I always have with us.

We always have snacks with us and today we also had our Camelbak water pouches (we love those things!).  We found a nice scenic area to enjoy our snack.

My cute little munchkin is all about the snacks!  Anytime is snack time for her.

The trails were the toughest we had been on yet and Rachel did struggle a little when we went up hill but everyone did great overall.  It was such a beautiful day and it was wonderful riding our bikes through such a beautiful area!

On another stop, Rachel brought me this amazing Passion Flower!  Isn't it just beautiful!

And Nicholas brought us a seed pod from what I believe is a Bois D'Arc tree in which he had engraved, "N {heart} M, D, and R" for Nicholas loves Mommy, Daddy and Rachel.  Aww so sweet!

We had a wonderful day and ended it with a yummy dinner at Chuy's Tex-Mex - Oh yeah!

There is no better way I'd love to spend my days than making such sweet memories with my family.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Children's Check-In at Church

Every week when we go to church we go to the kiosk and check the kids into their rooms.  Nicholas enters the info and Rachel hits the print button.  The computer generates a name tag for each of them with codes on the tags and it also prints parents tickets with the matching codes on them.  When we pick up the kids after service, the children's ministry workers match up our codes with the codes on our kids' name tags.  

Well, this weekend was Promotion Weekend at church so kids move up to the room of the next grade level they will be entering in the fall.  Rachel will be in 1st grade and Nicholas will be in 6th.  He is a big Middle Schooler now so the computer didn't let us check him in to his room.  As a 6th grader, he just goes to the room and checks himself in.  He was a little startled and somewhat nervous about his newly found independence.

Rachel enjoyed getting to take over all of the check-in process herself and hers is the only name tag printed.

Wow!  We are entering the world of middle school and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!