Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lunar Eclipse, October 2014

Lunar Eclipse October 2014

We have been learning about the Moon in science class.  Yesterday we read about Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong.  The kids watched video clips from the first walk on the moon.

Kids watching video of first walk on the moon

I couldn't have planned the timing of our Moon study any better because this morning was the last lunar eclipse of 2014 and we all got up at 5:00 am to watch it.  We could see it best from our front yard so we laid out the picnic blanket and snuggled up in some blankets to watch the amazing event.

We couldn't help but laugh as we wondered what the few drivers on the road must have thought to see the four of us sitting in our front yard at 5:00 in the morning.  "Those crazy homeschoolers!"

The lunar eclipse was beautiful.  The Earth was directly between the Moon and the Sun.  It was in the shadow on the Earth.  However, some light from the Sun made it through Earth's atmosphere where the blue and green wavelengths got absorbed.  The light that made it around the Earth to the Moon were the red, orange, and yellow wavelengths of light.  This red Moon often called a "Blood Moon".  I love this picture Stuart got!

We really had a fun time together on our picnic blanket this morning.  We decided since we were all up anyway we might as well go out for a nice breakfast...and coffee.  Lots of coffee!

IHOP coffee

I love my guys.  Nicholas ordered a Colorado omelet just like his Daddy.  He is definitely Stuart's "Mini Me" :)

And of course the baby girl had to be sure that her first bite of food for the day was a big spoonful of whipped topping from her strawberries!  That's the breakfast of champions, right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Giraffe Weevil

My kids both like to make crafts and draw pictures in their free time.  They will work at the kitchen table while I'm washing dishes or cooking dinner.  

Yesterday Nicholas just kept asking me what he should draw.  He drew a peacock then a praying mantis but still needed more ideas for what to draw next.  So I tried to stump him by asking him to draw a giraffe weevil.  I should have known better since son would probably qualify as a junior entomologist.

He soon came back with this amazing drawing.  Seriously, take a look here to see what a giraffe weevil really looks like!

Drawing of a giraffe weevil

As Nicholas often does, he disappeared for a few moments and came back with his version of a LEGO Giraffe Weevil.  Yep, how many kids can make that in five minutes without instructions?

Lego Giraffe Weevil

And just to take another step into creativeness, he then donned his black hood from a ninja costume and a red cape from Six Flags to become...dun, dun, dun....a GIANT Giraffe Weevil!

Giraffe Weevil costume

Nicholas is so bright but his creativity and ways of thinking outside of the box just amaze me.