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The night before we start back to homeschool, Stuart and I always have some fun games for the kids. They usually involve cooperative puzzles that they have to work together to solve. In the past we wrapped the whole downstairs with yarn and they had to start at the beginning of their color of yarn and wind it up while finding their new school books hidden along the way. We have also had them handcuffed to each other as they tried to solve various riddles and puzzles. This year I hit the "easy button" and just bought a $15 escape room type of puzzle game called Exit: The Game - The Sunken Treasure.

It was just perfect!

There was a decoder wheel.

There was a free app that had a countdown and played ocean background music.

It came with some neat items that were used to solve the puzzles.  There were things to cut up and destroy.  

It was great watching the kids work together on solving all of the riddles and puzzles.

Once they finished the game, they got a goody bag.  I used to fill these with new boxes of crayons, calculator, candy and fun little games.  But after all of these years, I had to come up with something a little more on their level.  

They each got a couple of things in their bag.  Rachel loves marine biology so one of her gifts was a sea urchin test (hard shell).

Nicholas enjoys reading mysteries and scary stories and he loves the pictures he has seen of the fictional mutant octopus character Cthulu so I got him a collectible hard cover copy of The Complete Cthulu Mythos Tales by H.P. Lovecraft.

We love starting the school year off with a fun way for them to use their brains and work together.

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