Jack Carter Pool in Plano

We met up with some friends at Jack Carter Pool in Plano.  We have never been to this pool before.  I can't believe we had never even heard of it.  It has some really fun features!

First there are three big water slides.

We couldn't believe when we saw this FlowRider Surf Simulator!  How cool is that?!  Water flows and you get to ride the waves on a little surf board.  It looked like a lot of fun but I couldn't get up the courage to try it myself.  But the kids loved it!

There is also a real rock climbing wall.  It sits above a 12 foot pool and includes waterfalls and real rocks to climb.  It looked challenging but both of our kids love rock climbing so this was a big hit for them.

There is also a lazy river that we moms enjoyed walking and floating around while we chatted with each other.  

There is even a little kid area to splash around in.

Jack Carter pool was a fun discovery and we will definitely be back!  It is located at 2601 Pleasant Valley Road in Plano, TX.  Admission is included with the Plano parks membership.  If you don't have a membership then the admission cost is only $5 for ages 16 and under and $9 for adults.  Check them out at the Jack Carter Pool website.