Rachel "Reads" to Bitty Baby

Rachel loves to "read" aloud.  We read so much that she knows the stories well and tells them in her own words as she flips through the pictures in the book.

Tonight at bedtime, I asked her what she wanted me to read to her.  She said that she first wanted to read to her Bitty Baby.  She also told me that Bitty Baby was walking but fell and hit her head.  She said that she put some Neosporin and the Band-aid on it. 

I was quick to grab the camera as she started her bedtime reading to Bitty Baby.  She reads about the story of Creation as well as Adam and Eve.  It's hard to hear but she whispers something about the snake and then shortly afterwards she tells of Adam and Eve hiding and whispers "but God was coming".  It's just so cute!

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