Easter Extravaganza

The weather is gorgeous this weekend. Our church had wonderful Easter Extravaganza today. I took Rachel to enjoy the fun while Stuart took Nicholas to try out an archery bow that he thinks he wants for his birthday.

There was a egg hunt just for the little ones.

Rachel scooped up about 2 dozen eggs filled with candy and stickers.

She was a proud little egg hunter!

There was a live bunny and Rachel talked so sweetly as she petted it.

She sat for a posed picture with these baby bunnies but wouldn't look up from them for me to get a good picture. I think the church photographer got a good picture so I'm looking forward to seeing her pictures this weekend at church.

I tried to get her to hug the Easter Bunny but she wouldn't even stand next to him. She reached out as far as she could to just take candy from his basket!

Then we headed out to the bounce houses!

Her favorite of all was this camo colored obstacle course.

She could get through it pretty quickly.

The big slide at the end was super fun!

Back in line again! Fortunately the line was short and moved quickly.

She scurried through the entrance when her turn was up.

Through the X's...


And sliding. Repeat about 10 more times....

There were about 6 or so bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses for the kids. Rachel tried several of them but liked just bouncing in this small one with little kids.

She went kind of crazy with the bouncing at times.

Time for a candy break. Rachel popped open a few eggs to see what kind of treasures she had.

She loved the candy most of all.

We flew kites in the field. Well, at least we had fun trying to fly them!

We headed back inside to cool off with lemonade and snacks. Rachel opened more eggs and had fun playing with them. She pretended to wear them as headphones.

Then she called Nicholas on her egg phone!

Back outside, there was chalk art, a climbing wall and some fun booths. Rachel got her nails painted.

She wanted her face painted and chose a dog. Woof!

Cute and happy doggie!

Then she wanted her hair colored. She asked for red and blue. It was very colorful.

Unfortunately, we are supposed to be going out later today for pictures in the bluebonnet fields. I hope I she lets me wash this stuff out before then!

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