Casa Manana's Alice in Wonderland

Oh, we love our regular trips to Casa Manana Children's Theatre. We see several plays a year here and they are always wonderful.

Today we saw Alice In Wonderland Jr.

I wish I could show you the wonderful costumes and fun characters. However, we aren't allowed to take pictures during the production so I can only show you the stage before the show began. But you should really just get tickets and go see the show in all of it's awesomeness for yourself.

The kids had a blast and loved all the colorful characters. There was a little bit of dramatic license used for the story and songs but it was a fabulous production and great fun for kids.

Get your tickets now before it's gone. It only runs through Sunday, April 15th!

Casa MaƱana Theatre is located in the heart of the Cultural District at 3101 West Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107. For more information or tickets, please call the Box Office at 817-332-2272 or check out the Casa Manana website.

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