I love this time of year. Not only is the weather warming up and the grass is turning green but the bluebonnets are blooming all around us. It just makes me smile to see them along the sides of the road every where we go.

Yesterday we saw the most beautiful bluebonnets on Grapevine Lake.

Stuart got some great pictures of the kids. This is one of my favorites!

We tried to get more posed pictures but it was too hard for Rachel to sit still AND look at the camera AND smile so we gave up on that and just snapped pictures as they explored. Some of the best pictures of our kids are just simple candid shots.

There have been rumors that it is illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas because it is our state flower. I checked on it and can confidently say that's a bunch of phooey! Now I don't typically let my children pick flowers because I want them to learn to leave nature they way they found it. However, a few bluebonnets aren't going to upset me....and it sure made for some cute pictures.

She has such a natural daintiness about her.

I love this next picture. It combines several features that I love (besides my kids and bluebonnets). I always love pictures of kids as they are walking away from the camera AND I love pictures of paths in nature.

In the next three pictures, Stuart was trying to get Rachel to walk towards him. I think she did it about 10 times but eventually got some cute shots out of it.

Nicholas is such a pro at posing and smiling for pictures. I guess that's what happens when your parents always have a camera in their hands.

We asked Rachel to sit down next to him (still trying to get that perfectly posed shot). She reluctantly did it but couldn't stop watching the boats on the water so she isn't exactly looking at the camera. Still a cute shot though.

Of course, I love this shot too. Nicholas first tried to give Rachel a kiss on the check but she crinkled up her face and pulled away. As we told her that wasn't nice, she eventually decided to make up for it by giving Nicholas a kiss.

Rachel found several ladybugs and carried them around with her as she walked. Poor ladybugs!

When did my little boy get so tall? He's growing up!

I love the sunlight glowing in Rachel's hair.


We took these pictures in the late afternoon. The sun gave a wonderfully warm glow to the kids faces.

Rachel found the perfect walking stick.

I loved watching my little explorers wandering through the bluebonnets.

Nicholas found this log and thought it made for good scenery for a picture.

This picture is cute. Rachel looks so pensive. She is actually just tired of posing and is looking at some boat on the lake.

Bye for now!

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