Happy Easter!

As with most things in my life these days, I haven't had time to shop for and make Easter baskets for the kids. If I was at a store, the kids were always with me. So last night I made a mad dash to Kroger to pick up two colorful baskets and some candy. Oh no! They were out of baskets. Tom Thumb - same thing. I finally found some baskets at Walgreens. Thank you, Walgreens!

I put the baskets together and got them ready to hide. I didn't think about hiding the baskets when I got the helium balloons. They make it hard to hide the baskets. So we decided to put the balloons on their chairs at the kitchen table and just hide the baskets.

Apparently the Easter Bunny always hides Nicholas' basket in the same place. He told us yesterday that he knew it would be behind the curtain in the playroom. You'd think the Easter Bunny would remember where he put it from year to year and put it somewhere different but apparently he has memory lapses and just sticks it in the same place each time.

But he must have heard Nicholas bragging about knowing where his basket would be because this year it wasn't there.

While Nicholas was looking all over the house, Rachel easily found her basket behind her play kitchen. She was super excited!

She got a little gardening kit of tools and lots of candy.

Daddy showed her how to use the magnifying glass. That will be fun to use when we look at bugs in the garden.

Meanwhile Nicholas finally found his basket hidden away in a cabinet in his room.

I love how excited he was. It just reassures me that he is still my LITTLE boy.

Rachel wasted no time digging into her candy.

She is totally addicted to sugar. We really have to watch her or she will eat it all in one sitting.

She was sweet to offer me some Robin Eggs. She loves her candy but also loves to share with others.

The kids had a cool treat in their basket. It is a hollow chocolate egg with a marshmallow chick inside. How cute!

Nicholas found a balsa wood glider in his basket and put it together.

We took a break from the overindulgence in sugar to have Easter breakfast....hot cross buns, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

I wonder how long it will take for my kids to make themselves sick from candy overload?


  1. We bought Easter basket stuff at the last minute too. Like 11pm the night before.

    Last year was the same as well, but this year the selection was slim pickings!

    Your kids are so cute. And I love that chick inside of the chocolate egg. :)

  2. What a wonderful Easter! The baskets look to have been filled with wonderful treats.

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