Konos: Patience - Bakery Tour

Konos Character Trait: Patience
Theme: Wheat/Bread

As part of our study on wheat, we took a field trip to the Mrs. Baird's Bakery in Fort Worth.  They offer free tours to the public but unfortunately the do have age restrictions so Rachel wasn't able to come with us.

We have a Mrs. Baird's Bakery Outlet near our home so I took Nicholas by there before we left for Fort Worth.  It was a great way to show Nicholas some of the products made at the bakery. 

It's about an hour drive to the bakery so we decided to pick up some snacks for the trip.   Yum, chocolate covered donuts!

Our tour was scheduled for 11:00.  There is a special parking area for tours. 

We waited in a little room for the rest of the tour participants to show up.  There was a small group of adults and a small group of older school kids but we were most excited to get to know the other homeschool family that had come for the tour.

This is the real Mrs. Baird's workign bakery so we had a little talk about safety.  Everyone had to wear a hair net and a helmet with an attached speaker so we could easily hear our tour guide.

We were not allowed to take pictures during the tour but trust me, it was really cool!  It was neat to see the really big equipment for making big batches of dough, the giant ovens, and the amazing conveyor belt systems.

After the tour, we returned to the little room where our tour guide sliced up several loaves of hot fresh bread for us to sample.

The sample pieces were huge - about as thick as 2-3 regular slices of bread....and covered in butter.  Um um good!

As we were leaving, our tour guide gave us free back packs and powdered donuts!  Oh how did she know my weakness for powdered donuts?

Because we didn't feel like we had already had enough carbs for the day, we stopped at the Mrs. Baird's Bakery Outlet outside the bakery.  Yes, they actually had more choices than the one we had been to earlier in the day so I'm glad we went.

The products at the outlets are fine but they are close to their expiration dates so the company wants to move them quickly at discounted prices.  Not only do you get great deals on bread products but the outlet stores also offer other special deals like this one....spend $6.00 in the store and you get to pick a free item from this rack.

What a fun (and carb-rich) day!

The Mrs. Baird's Bakery is located at 7301 South Freeway,Fort Worth, TX 76134. Tours are free to the public but must be scheduled in advance. For more information, please call the bakery at (817) 615-3050 or visit the Mrs. Baird's Bakery website.

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