Soul Sisters Easter Outreach

I'm a proud Soul Sister!

Soul Sisters is a weekly Bible study at Valley Creek Church. I just started in January but some of the women at my table have been attending since the group started many years ago. It has been neat because you sit at the same table each time so you really get to know your little group of women, even though there are 700 women in Soul Sisters.

Soul Sisters is a phenomenal group and the message this semester is incredible. It's a Beth Moore (love her!) Bible Study called Inheritance. The key phrase throughout the message has been Psalm 16:5-6 "The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance" Check out the trailer for the series HERE.

Tonight's session was a little different than usual. We started our session with our usual worship music but then instead of our Beth Moore study we worked on our outreach project. For Easter, we worked on an outreach project and delivered gift baskets with necessity items as well as toys and Easter items to families in need in a local apartment complex. Everyone brought items to donate to the baskets and each table had two gift baskets to make. At our table, we divided up the recommended donation items so that each person brought three items for each basket. We even decorated the baskets to make them look awesome!

Aren't they cute?!

I love my Soul Sisters!

Once we finished putting our baskets together, our table piled into an SUV and headed over the apartment complex to make our deliveries. It was amazing to see all of the Soul Sisters walking around this complex with their baskets of love bringing the message of Jesus out into the community.

If you'd like to find out more about Soul Sisters, you can find more information HERE.

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