A Fun Box of Surprises!

I'm on lots of email lists about homeschooling. One of the lists is The Homeschool Post and they recently organized a fun little Swap Sister event that homeschool moms could sign up to participate in. You get assigned to another homeschool mom, get a little info sheet about that mom and her kids and their favorite things, then you send them a little goody box of about $10 worth of things that they might like and they send you a similar box. It sounded like fun so we signed up!

My kiddos helped me shop for fun little things for our Swap Sister mom and her three kids. But that wasn't nearly as fun as when our swap box arrived and they got to open it. The suspense was killing them!

I watched their faces from the other side of the table so I didn't even know what they were seeing but it was obviously pretty exciting.

Nicholas pulled out some Smencils which are pretty cool scented pencils.

They pulled some more things out of the box then some more things and some more. We has to spread it all out just to look at it all. Our Swap Sisters son found out that Nicholas likes Star Wars so he made a custom Star Wars greeting card for Nicholas.

Wow that's a lot of stuff!

I love the little acrylic glass that comes with its own reusable acrylic cup with a lid and straw. I see these things everywhere these days.

I had specifically mentioned that I like Milky Way bars or hot tea when I want to relax so my Swap Sister made sure I was covered. I love her!

She must have looked around my blog some to learn that my kids love it when Stuart blows up balloon animals for them so she sent them their own kid-friendly balloon animal kit with this cute doggie air pump.

Nicholas got out his Lowe's work apron and loaded it up with balloons and a Sharpie just like "professional" balloon creature makers wear.  He made quite a few creations of his own right away.

This was a fun little thing to do and my kids can't wait for the next swap!

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