Fishing for Fun

The weather here is absolutely perfect so despite all of the projects that needed to be done around the house, we spent the day outside fishing with the kids.

We got to our local fishing spot. As we were getting out of the car, Rachel spotted this little caterpillar and immediately picked it up. No fear in this one!

It's been a while since we've been to this spot but it is just as beautiful as ever. Pond, trees, picnic tables, gazebo, trails, nature educational signs. Perfect!

In less than 5 minutes of having their hooks in the water, both kids caught a fish! Here's a video of Rachel catching her very first fish. Of course, Stuart helped a little with casting and setting the hook.

Rachel's first fish!

Nicholas is a good fisherman on his own and he wandered away from time to time to try to find just the right fishing spot.

We didn't have fancy bait, just little pieces of hot dog on the hooks. But the blue gill were biting and Rachel soon caught her second fish.

She liked touching them before throwing them back in the water.

Nicholas did great too. It was challenging at times because two little red-eared slider turtles kept trying to take our bait. We didn't want to catch one of those guys though because we wouldn't be able to fish the hook out of their mouths.

It was hard to keep up with all the fish catching going on between the two kids. That's a good problem to have!

Rachel reeled this one in then wasn't quite sure what to do with him next...

Look at this big one Nicholas caught!

He threw him back, baited his hook, and dropped his line in the water again. Next thing you know - bam! Another fish! I truly lost count of all the fish these kids were catching!

Rachel must have gotten the munchies because she was caught eating our bait!

After her little snack she was back at the edge of the pond with her fishing pole!

We had been helping her get the line cast but she wanted to show me how she could do it all by herself. She's VERY independent!

Rachel started wandering a little and as I was on the other side of the pond with her, I couldn't help but admire this view. Stuart is such a great teacher and father.

Rachel and I eventually made it back to the fishing spot. Stuart helped her catch a little fish. It's a little hard to hear her but Rachel was talking baby talk to it!

Stuart taught her a little more about casting her line.

Hold down the button.

Then swing it forward and let go of the button to release the line.

They are just so cute together!

A friend of mine was at the pond too and she stopped by to tell us Hi. She mentioned that her dad had caught a 5 pound bass in this pond. Nicholas got excited and wanted to catch a bass too.

This seemed like a good spot.

Yep, caught another one!

We're studying the character trait of Patience right now. We hadn't planned our fishing trip to coincide with our Konos work but it certainly did. The kids learned that patience is needed when you are fishing as you have to wait for the fish to bite or be calm and patient as you untangle a knotted line.

I've thought of taking the kids fishing here by myself but I was so grateful to be there with Stuart. It was more fun having him there but also he just knows so much more about fishing than I do. He was really a great teacher for the kids.

And he is very good at getting hooks out with his needle-nose pliers!

Rachel wanted to fish where Nicholas was.

And she caught a fish too!

That's a big one!

What an amazing day! Beautiful weather, time outdoors with my wonderful family, watching the kids fish and seeing their joy about their accomplishments, and watching my husband patiently help them learn how to improve their fishing skills. A blessed day indeed!


  1. Hello,

    I'm a mom in North Tarrant County, and I've been lurking on your blog for cool ideas to do with my 3 children.

    Your blog is WONDERFUL and informative!!

    Where did you guys go fishing? I think I'd like to take my kiddos there...maybe :)

  2. Hi Taylor, we were fishing at Spring Lake park in Flower Mound. I wish I knew of others to tell you about but that's just where we always go. Check your local area. A lot of community ponds are stocked with fish at least once a year for kid fishing events. Have fun!