Easter Egg Hunt

We took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt this morning. The hunts were divided up by age group. I took Rachel to her field and Stuart took Nicholas to his.

It wasn't actually much of a hunt. The eggs and candy were just spread out over the field.

Rachel didn't mind. She was just excited about the thought of getting candy!

We got there too early though. She started getting restless about wanting to get out on the field. But we had to wait patiently until the fire truck blew it's horn.

But before long, the horn blew and they were off!

There was lots of loose candy as well as eggs all over the field. Rachel went straight for the candy. I guess the eggs were too risky for her because they might only contain stickers!

She did quite well with her candy loot!

She sat right down and started enjoying her sweets. She said she wanted to eat this banana flavored Laffy Taffy. I said that I liked that candy too and she had made a good choice. Then she said, "You can have it!" My sweet girl!

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