Shiver Me Timbers!

Blimey! I forgot to post this update on our growing pirate. Arr! Click HERE for the original posting. This little pirate was a gift from one of Nicholas' hearties from school. The pirate starts out as a wee scallywag but yer put him in water and he slowly absorbs the water and grows to quite an impressive scurvy dog!

This is the before picture...

Aye, matey! Here is the "after" picture...

Aye, we've been playing with him for a few weeks now but he's kind of messy. We have to keep him in water or else he will shrink back up to his landlubber state so each time the little buccaneer plays with him water ends up dripping all over the deck. It's not worth the swashbucklin' to get him to clean it up so I think it's time to let Mr. Pirate shrink back down for a while and rest in Davy Jones Locker. But we can always make him walk the plank and plunge back into thar ocean if we want him to make him big again.

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