Dining Like Royalty in Medieval Times

I forgot to mention that last night when we were at the pediatrician's office, Nicholas noticed a symbol on the door for no guns. He said, "They should also put a sign up that says 'no swords'!" Makes sense in the mind of a four year old. Of course, we pointed out the missing signage to the nurse but she just laughed.

Tonight I stayed home with the little sickie Rachel, while Nicholas, Uncle Steve, and Daddy went to an awesome dinner theater performance at the Medieval Times castle in Dallas.

Wow, it sounds like an awesome show. The setting is an authentic looking 11th century castle. The add to the ambiance you must eat your four course meal as they would have back in medieval times - with your hands and no utensils! The show involves a prince that is kidnapped and lots of jousting and sword fighting takes center stage.

The horse has all four feet off the ground as he's kicking!

The guys were seated in the yellow section so they were cheering for the yellow knight. He looks pretty tough!

Check out the sparks from these swords!

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