Rachel, Our Little Book Worm

I love reading aloud to my children. Although Rachel is only four months old, you can just look at her while she's being read to and see that she is learning so much. Her eyes get big each time I turn the page and she discovers a whole new set of pictures on the page. She studies the colors and pictures on the page. And she loves to hear the words read to her. She will look over at me while I read and watch my lips move then look into my eyes and give me a big smile. It's so sweet. She even reaches out to try to hold the book herself and she naturally holds it quite well.

I get so proud of my little book worm. We have read about colors and counting, famous painters and zoo animals. But inevitably, the literary value of the book is often forgotten as she happily pulls the book up to her mouth to give it a little taste. Yum, cardboardy-flavored book corners...her favorite!

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