The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley

We had a great day with our buddies today. We went to a musical, had lunch at an awesome playground, and visited Dairy Queen for the first time.

We started the day with the musical at the Irving Arts Center. We went there last February to see a performance of Winnie the Pooh then afterwards we walked around outside admiring the statues and the water features. I did not mention anything to Nicholas about where the play was today. But as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, he said, "Oh I love this place! I remember playing in the water behind that wall!"

How can this child remember a basic parking lot and vine covered wall from over a year ago yet when I ask him what he did at school that day he says, "I can't remember"? I'm not sure why the memory of this particular wall stuck with him for over a year but I'm just amazed by his recall at times.

The play we saw was The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley based on the book Flat Stanley written by Jeff Brown. The story is about a boy named Stanley Lambchop. During the night his bulletin board falls off the wall and squashes Stanley flat. He feels fine when he wakes up but he is completely flat like a pancake. He enjoys being able to slide under locked doors and being flown in the air like a kite. Stanley wants to go visit a friend in California but instead of flying there on a plane, his parents just put him in an envelope and mail him there. It was a great performance.

After the show, we walked around the gallery where they were displaying hundreds of children's art projects. It was fun going around looking at the works and getting ideas for new art projects of our own.

Next we were off to lunch at Kids Country in Coppell, one of Nicholas' favorite playgrounds.

Nicholas was hot from running around at the park so we wanted to stop and get something cool to drink. But as we talked about where to go, Mommy had an even better idea. How about Dairy Queen for ice cream? Nicholas hasn't been to a Dairy Queen before and was a little overwhelmed about all of the ice cream choices. After changing his mind a few times, he finally decided on an ice cream sandwich. Messy but oh so good!

Even though he had just finished playing at one of the coolest playgrounds in our area, he still had to play on the little playground at DQ. The playground was kind of small for him and it really hit me that he is almost 5 years old. He's getting to be such a big boy! Where had those 5 years gone???

What a jam-packed, fun-filled day! And what a tired little boy we have!

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