The Cost of a Piece of Bread

We have a great little park about a mile or two from our house. It has a playground, swings, a covered pavillion with picnic tables, and a large pond with a fountain in the middle. There are always an abundance of ducks and geese at the pond because they know they can depend on their daily bread from the little children that come every day with loaves of bread to feed them. We love this park and with it being so close to our house we end up going to it a couple of times a month.

We stopped by the park today with some of our friends. Nicholas and his buddy shared some bread to feed to the ducks.

The ducks ate it up and were quite grateful. But I wonder why they haven't figured out that they might as well be making a pact with the devil for those pieces of bread. For as soon as the little boys were empty handed of bread they both shouted out, "Chase the ducks!" and off they went.

Good luck little duckies!


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