Grandmother gave Nicholas a ladybug habitat last year and somehow we never got around to ordering the ladybugs for it. So this spring we got it out and ordered our buggies. They finally arrived! I think we should have received ladybug eggs but ours had already hatched and were little larvae. Nicholas was so excited about his ladybugs that he got out this little ladybug craft that he had made out of a styrofoam bowl and colored paper and decided it was his ladybug hat.

And Rachel was sporting her own ladybug outfit to go with the occasion.

He had fun putting water in the habitat and emptying the larvae into the habitat. It was hard for him to put the lid on because he kept wanting to play with the little larvae.

We can't wait to see them develop into pupas and then the cute little ladybugs!

It is very interesting to see what a ladybug larvae looks like. Sadly, Stuart and I both realized that we have seen these critters on some of our trees in the backyard and have killed quite a few of them. Now we know. Sorry little ladybugs :(

After our ladybug fun, we spent some time playing outside. Nicholas filled up a bucket with water and had fun adding grass, berries, leaves, and sticks to make an interesting concoction. Then, for some reason, he decided to sit in the bucket! If there's a bucket, it must be sat in! That's my little guy!

While we were playing in the yard, Rachel was playing in the Pack N Play. She has rediscovered the little purple flower that Granddad brought to her in the hospital right after her delivery. She loves to look at the bright colors and hear the sweet music it plays when you press on the bee but her most favorite thing about the flower? She can put it in her mouth, of course!

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