Kids Kastle

Uncle Steve runs a playground equipment distributorship in Louisiana so he's seen it all in playgrounds...or so he thought. Nicholas wanted to take him to Kids Kastle and of course, Steve was more than happy to go play with his little buddy. It only took one glance at the awesome playground to "Wow" Uncle Steve.

We talked some about the playgrounds back home and how little there is to do for kids growing up there. It just made me remember all of the reasons why we chose this area to raise our little ones...a community focus on family and children, team sports, clubs, wonderful libraries, cultural exhibits, arts, children's classes, children's theater, and pride in nature and the outdoors which of course includes playgrounds for the little ones. I miss my family and friends back in Louisiana and, of course, I miss that South Louisiana cookin' that you just can't find anywhere else. But this is where we belong and we just couldn't be happier with our choice.

Anyway, Steve and Nicholas had a blast running around the playground while Rachel and I just relaxed in the shade.

They played with the interactive exhibits in the park. This is a cool sound board that they made music on.

They checked out the pond and the little stream draining off into another pond.

A boy and his stick...

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