Fun with Foil

I love playing with aluminum foil. There are so many cool craft uses for this stuff. We used it this morning to make Nicholas' hand print. He first outlined his hand on tracing paper then we put the tracing paper on the piece of foil and used a small wooden dowel to "draw" the traced line on the tracing paper while pressing down just enough to emboss the foil underneath. You could do this without the tracing paper step but I wanted to also emboss his name and date and I wouldn't have been able to figure out how to write that backwards for the embossing to show correctly.

Now for you Star Wars fans out there, we also tried to use aluminum foil to make a model of Hans Solo frozen in Carbonite. Cool idea but our Hans Solo action figure is too small to be able to get a lot of detail from it. Also our foil needs to be just a little thicker because we tore through it when we started to work on his legs. Still a neat idea though.....

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