Breakfast Chatter

For breakfast this morning, I made pancakes, sausage links, and scrambled eggs. Nicholas announced to Daddy that Uncle Steve cooked breakfast for us while he was visiting and he made the best scrambled eggs EVER. He said, "They are the best. Just wait until you taste them. You'll see that they are better than Mommy's!" Thanks, Lil' Buddy!

I showed Nicholas how to make Pigs in a Blanket by rolling a sausage link in a pancake. I explained the reason for the name - that sausage comes from pigs and they are wrapped in a blanket of pancake. He thought it was a cool idea. But a few minutes later he asked, "Why did this pig have to die?" Ugh! Not one of THOSE questions! I tried to explain it as best as I could but I had to hand it over to Stuart. He did a pretty good job of it but we were both glad when Nicholas got bored with the discussion and changed the subject for us!

The other day we were at the grocery store and I was getting some cream cheese because we sometimes have bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. Nicholas saw the strawberry cream cheese and insisted that we get some. Someone at his school brought bagels and cream cheese for the class snack and he said that he loved the strawberry cream cheese. Hesitantly I bought it. As we were walking away, Nicholas ran back and picked up a second container of strawberry cream cheese. He said that we needed to go ahead and get the second container so we would have more when we ran out. I convinced him to put it back. When we got home, he said he wanted a snack. Of course, he wanted a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I fixed the bagel for him. He took one bite and said that he didn't like it. He said, "Oh, I forgot that I don't like strawberry cream cheese. Now I want a bagel that just has plain cream cheese on it." Glad we didn't get stuck with two containers of this stuff! He later told Stuart, "You've GOT to try a bagel with strawberry cream cheese!" as if it was the greatest thing in the world! Silly little guy!

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