My Little Green Thumb

Nicholas loves working in the yard. He will help dig up weeds, plant flowers, put down mulch, rake the leaves - pretty much anything that needs to be done. So he was excited when I suggested that we go to a nursery to pick up some tomato plants and a few flowering annuals.

He picked out a bunch of different tomato plants and put them in our cart - big red beefsteak tomatos, roma tomatos, yellow tomatoes, orange tomatos, plum tomatos, and cherry tomatos. I told him he had to narrow it down since we usually only plant 2 tomato plants so we have room to plant a few other goodies too. He narrowed it down but somehow I let him convince me that we needed 4 tomato plants. Yes, I'm a softie, especially when it comes to gardening with my little greent thumb.

While I was supposed to be helping him put back the other tomato plants, he decided it would be more fun to hide under the display tables. This little guy can have fun where ever he goes!

Next thing I know he is putting more plants into our cart. He put a dying pumpkin plant, a potato vine, a peanut plant and then he tried to put this hanging plant in the cart too. I got the other plants but I put my foot down with the hanging plant. I can not keep those things watered enough to survive a hot Texas summer and they always die way before their time.

We went inside the shop for a quick look around. Nicholas found a fountain. And of course you know the standing rule that states that if one finds a running fountain then one is required to put one's hand in it!

Nicholas did a great job planting our plants. Here he is planting our strawberry plants in the strawberry pot. This is a challenging task because you have to wiggle the plant through these little openings in the pot. He did a fantastic job. He took his time and was very gentle with the plants.

We let Rachel lie on her blanket in the grass so she could look up at the clouds above and feel the breeze on her face.

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