The Last Staple is Out!

Nicholas got his last staple out this morning. He was very nervous this time because he knew it would probably hurt. It did. The doctor had a hard time getting this staple out so he had to try a couple of times before he got it. And it especially hurt because some hairs were right around the staple and he couldn't help but pull on a few little hairs in order to get the staple out. Oh, it just tore at my heart to hear my little baby boy crying. When it was all done, I saw his little lip was still trembling. I hope this will be a learning opportunity for why we don't run in the house.

I let him pick where he wanted to go for breakfast. I gave him a few choices and he picked IHOP. I think this was his first time at IHOP. He loved it! They had so many choices on the menu and even lots of choices of different flavored syrups. Of course, he had to try each one. His favorite is now strawberry.

After breakfast, we spent some time playing at a friend's house then headed home for nap time....although Rachel was the only one that actually slept. This afternoon she started having a little cough and maybe some congestion in her nose. I hope she doesn't have a cold!

For dinner tonight, we went to our old favorite BBQ restaurant. I say it is our "old" favorite because we actually found a new BBQ restaurant that we like even better. But our old favorite is closer and we had a coupon for a free pulled pork platter so we couldn't pass it up.

When our waitress came up to our table, she asked...

Waitress: "Have you eaten here before?"
Stuart: "Oh, yes. All the time."
Nicholas, in a matter of fact tone: "But we haven't been back here because we found another BBQ restaurant that we like more!"

I was so embarrassed but it was so funny that I couldn't help but laugh out loud! Gotta watch those 4 year olds. They will just tell it like it is!

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  1. :) Love it when they come up with stuff like that. Reese told the lady at Cool Cuts last time that we weren't coming back anymore after this visit because they don't "cut hair good." ACK! :) Glad the staples are out & it's all over!