The Watermelon Slurp

We enjoyed some sweet, cold watermelon today. Nicholas happened to see it at the grocery store and asked to get it. We all love watermelon and what better way to welcome in the Spring. At first, I cut some up into little chunks like I usually do. But then Nicholas reminded me of the "proper" way to eat watermelon which Granddad taught him. You have to eat it by the slice!

This is the messiest, drippiest, stickiest way to eat watermelon. And both of my children did a unique watermelon slurp as they ate the juicy fruit. But doesn't that just make it even more fun!

Rachel has only had little chunks of watermelon so she wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do with this giant weird looking thing on her plate. But she watches everything big brother does so soon she was doing the watermelon slurp as good as anyone I know.

She even experimented with the rind!

Here's to many more warm sunny days ahead full of drippy, slurpy watermelon!

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