GIVEAWAY: snackTAXI bags!!!

snackTAXI sent me a wonderful collection of their reuseable snack and sandwich sacks to try out and they also gave me a set to giveaway!

snackTAXI sacks were created by a mom of 3 who got tired of adding a mountain of plastic zip top bags to the landfill from the 500 school lunches she made each year.

I usually try to use environmentally friendly products when packaging lunch for Nicholas. Instead of buying individual packages of crackers, I buy the larger size and then repackage them myself into individual servings for his lunch. No need to have all of that extra packaging in the land fills (plus it's cheaper to buy the larger sizes than buying all of those individual servings!). I used to use lots of little disposable zip-top bags. However, we were using several of them every single day and I hated to just throw all of that away. It didn't seem very environmentally conscious - not to mention the expense of always having to buy more. So at the beginning of this school year I went to Walmart and stocked up on a set of Rubbermaid plastic food storage containers. They are washable and don't add to the trash in the land fills. Although I've been using these for months now, I still haven't found a good way to make them work. They are never the perfect size and they are just a bit bulky for a lunch box. Take today's lunch for example...

I put a turkey sandwich in the the plastic food container, a thermos of milk, a tube of yogurt (yogurt is always more fun when eaten directly from a tube!), a wet hand towel, and a napkin. This barely fit in the lunch box and notice how it is bulging out on one side. There is no room for fruit or anything else. And Nicholas is an active growing boy who usually eats a lot for lunch so this just doesn't work well.

I re-packed his lunch using my new snackTAXI products. Wow! How awesome! The sandwich sack is very roomy and easy to put your hand in it to grab the sandwich. It fits perfectly in the lunch box. Since the sandwich sack is fabric, it only takes up as much space as is actually needed so there was more room for other goodies. As a matter of fact, I had enough room to add a whole apple, a small mandarin orange (hidden from view), and I was even able to use the smaller snackTAXI snack sack to hold some baby carrots, plus I put in the cute little matching snackTAXI napkin (because the boy ALWAYS need to clean up something). I just love these bags for packing his lunch. And Nicholas loves how colorful and exciting his lunch box looks now.

I love that these sacks are re-usable and washable. They can be hand washed and they air dry quickly or you can even throw them in the washing machine. The outside of the sacks are made from 100% cotton and the inside is lined with a waterproof material. Not only are there are so many cute fabric patterns to choose from, they add new patterns each month! And I love that I won't need to use those bulky hard plastic containers or waste those disposable plastic bags anymore!

snackTAXI even makes a durable, light weight nylon bag that you can use at your grocery store for produce or bulk items like nuts or granola so you can eliminate using those thin plastic bags on the roll (that I can never figure out which end to open!).

To enter the giveaway to win one snackTAXI sandwich sack and one snackTAXI snack sack, go to the snackTAXI website at or their Facebook page. After you've learned all about snackTAXI, come back here and leave a comment telling me one thing that you really like about snackTAXI and include your email address in your comment so I know how to get back in touch with you if you win. Each comment will be numbered in the order received and the winner will be chosen by random number generator at


  1. Great review.

    I love the bubble blast snack sack. Cute and functional!


  2. Great giveaway!! I love the designs- they're all so cute. What a great idea- I need to cut back on my plastic baggie usage.

  3. reusable! Love that. We go through tons and tons of snack/sandwich bags too. I have the same issues with packing my son's lunch, and next year will be my daughter. I would love these bags.

  4. This is a great idea and I am sure children love them. I too, hate to throw ziploc bags away all the time. Might just order some!

  5. Those are SO cute!!! I love the fact that they are reuseable. When we go on vacations, and I want to pack snacks for Disney, I always have to pack a silly box of ziplock bags too. With this, I could pack our snacks for the park and wash them at night to get ready for the next day. And I LOVE the polkadot patterns on their FB page. What a great idea!

  6. Snack taxi looks like it should find it ways into every lunch bag :) great review.

  7. I think those are the cutest darn things, ever! And I love how they are environmentally friendly at the same time....AND that they can hold anything from dry crackers to (somewhat) wet carrot sticks!

  8. I love these resuseable bags! :) With these bright colors and patterns, how could your food help but be a teeny bit happier?

  9. They are so cute. I also love the make your own bags which could be super fun too.

    I was thinking they would make good teacher's gifts too - they have to take a lunch everyday too.

  10. Great patterns. What a great idea.

    Tammy Northern

  11. I'm so excited to see these are created by a mom. I love to support mom businesses. And what a perfect idea it is. What mom doesn't go through tons of ziploc bags???

  12. I think these are great and I love the little bunny patterns for Easter. They would be so cute to put loose jelly beans in for an Easter basket.
    Charlotte -


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