Doing Nothing Together

We love to go do fun things but it's always nice to just have some down time on the weekend. It's important to have time to do nothing particularly special for those are some of the most special moments in life.

Daddy gets to snuggle up and read to his little girl.

Rachel likes the "touch and feel" books that have different textures in them. When I first introduced her to these, I would take her hand and help her feel the textures. Sometimes, like in this picture, she will use one hand to guide the other to feel the textures just like I used to do. Just a cute little quirky thing she does.

Of course, big brother has to get in on some reading time too.

Nicholas always loves making things with blocks. What a sweet creation for Mommy and Daddy!

Rachel climbed into the empty box that stores the wooden blocks so Daddy had some fun lifting her up in the box! She loved it!

Well, if Rachel is having fun in the box then Nicholas must have fun in the box too. It was a bit crowded but they both fit.

Rachel gave big brother a hug...

Ahh, I've finally got the box all to myself! Who knew the box could be so much fun!

It's so easy to get overscheduled with activities and festivals and errands on the weekend. We've got to remind ourselves sometimes that it's nice to just hang out at the house and enjoy spending time doing nothing together.

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