Hunting for Eggs And Other Fun Things To Do

We went to our town's Easter Egg hunt today. It was beautiful weather but incredibly windy. The hunts were divided up into different age groups. Daddy took Nicholas to the area of the park for the big kid hunt while I took Rachel to the 2 and under hunt. I say "hunt" but there was really no hunting since most of the park is just open grassy areas. The eggs and treats were just tossed on the ground to be picked up. But Nicholas still found it quite exciting.

I had a great time watching Rachel in her first egg hunt. She really got into it and did well at putting the goodies in her bag and moving on instead of stopping to admire each new treasure. Except when it came to the fruit roll ups in the shiny silver wrappers. She was fascinated with these and had to stop to be sure she had them all collected in her little hands.

There was a giant Dallas Cowboys inflatable slide that Nicholas played on for quite a while. Daddy asked him how it was...

Nicholas is never lacking in excitement! But alas, it was time to take down the slide so Nicholas was off to the playground to climb and swing and slide. What a monkey!

While Nicholas played on the playground, Rachel was content to sit in her stroller and grab her feet :)

On the way back to the car, our little monkey found a tree to climb. He really loves to climb and I wish we had larger trees in our yard that he could climb on. Every child needs a tree to climb.

After the egg hunt we stopped by Railroad Park to watch a skateboard competition. Nicholas thought it was pretty cool. I just thought it was scary to watch. I'm such a worrying mom!

We finally started heading home and Nicholas decided that he was about to starve to death. Oops, we were too late...

Rachel, who always takes off her shoes and socks while riding in the car, was trying to figure out how to get her stockings off...

We grabbed them some happy meals on the way home. They turned the boxes into Viking helmets. Check out our littlest viking.

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