Art + Science = Fun

We played with art today. I showed Nicholas how to make a resist painting. First he wrote his name and drew some designs on a white piece of paper using a white crayon. It was very weird for him to draw without being able to see his work.

Next he painted over his writing with some thinned tempera paint.

The paint sticks to the paper but not to the waxy crayon so the drawing shows through as white against the paint.

We turned this into a game too. I wrote a "secret message" with the white crayon on the white paper. Then Nicholas pretended to be a bad guy who stole the message from me but couldn't read it because he couldn't see anything on the page. Then he pretended to remember some previous spy training and got out the paint to reveal my secret message. I couldn't believe how creative he got with using this simple art experiment. He can make anything twice as much fun as I would have planned on my own!

On to another experiment. I really didn't know how this one would turn out. You fill the bottom of a baking dish with milk then add a few drops of food coloring.

Check out what happens when you put a drop of dishwashing soap in one of the drops of food color.

The soap binds with the milk fat and the food coloring just lets you see the reaction occur. This first try was cool but we repeated it over and over again and came up with some really cool designs.

I love art and science so it's always fun to be able to find ways to combine the two!

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