Petland, Here We Come!

We wanted to get out and do something fun but didn't have a lot of time after school to go very far before swim lessons. So we headed over to Petland where both kids love to go to look at animals.

Nicholas immediately had to check out the reptiles and spiders.

Of course, Rachel's favorite is always the dogs.

I was going to ask to have one of the dogs taken out of the cage so they could play with him but Nicholas got squirmy. He doesn't like dogs with scratchy nails jumping up on him. These were all little puppies so they would have certainly be jumping up on him wanting to play so we passed on that.

Nicholas' other favorite thing to do is play with the hermit crabs. There is a big container with lots of crabs in fancy shells. He likes to watch them crawl all around in the sand.

Rachel liked the birds. I held her up to look over the edge of the open box that they are in. She tried to climb right in with them!

We love going to the pet store. It's 5 minutes away from the house and we can spend over an hour there easily. And best of all, it's free entertainment! Plus I hope that this way my kids will get their pet "fix" on a regular basis and not want one of their own anytime soon!

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