Animal Towels and Kid Songs...My Baby Is Growing Up

Nicholas has three special bath towels. There is a lion, a dog, and a frog and they each have his name embroidered on the back of them. He has always loved these towels and when he was younger he made us make the appropriate animal sounds as we got his towel out for him at bath time.

I'm going to cherish this picture. Just recently Nicholas informed me that he didn't want to use his animal towels anymore. He has become much more self-conscious about being a "big boy" and apparently these towels don't fit his new criteria. I was surprised to hear the news and even got a little sad at the moment. He must have picked up on that because he then said, "Well, maybe I can keep them just a little bit longer." Mommy thought to herself, "Good"...sniff, sniff.

We always have children's CDs playing "kid songs" in the car. In the last month or so of school, Nicholas would enjoy listening to the songs on the way to school but as we pulled into car line for me to drop him off, he would usually ask me to turn the song off. He explained that he didn't want the moms working the car line or other children to hear the songs he was listening to.

Now this week it has hit a new level. Everytime I put in one of our "kid song" CDs, Nicholas informs me that these are baby songs and asks me to skip to the next song. We go through most of the CD without listening to more than one song that is acceptable. I'm not sure where to look but apparently I need to find some CDs with "big boy songs".

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  1. We are going through the exact same thing! It is so hard, isn't it?

    Have you looked into the some of the adult worship CDs? We have a is Songs4Worship Kids and the other is Open The Eyes Of My Heart: Ultimate Worship Anthems.

    Those are great songs, and not "baby" songs...*sigh*.

    You probably already have those CDs. If you don't you are welcome to borrow ours to see if they pass the Nicholas Big Boy Song test!