Lunar Mini Golf

We had a blast today at a friend's birthday party. It was held at Lunar Mini Golf. In case you don't know what in the world that is, think of Putt-Putt golf, indoors, lit only with black lights, and lots of neon paint and golf balls in the room. It was fun although quite challenging, I dare say impossible, to get a good picture capturing the mood without destroying it by using a flash (although I'm sure Stuart could prove me wrong!)

Here's my lame attempt. Slow shutter speed to let in more light which wasn't fast enough to capture the moving 5 year old in the middle of the picture. What? You can't see him? He must have turned invisible. No, there he is. Look closely at the blacklight illuminating his white shoes and his glow in the dark bracelet.

Thank goodness we had lots of Spidermen show up to keep us all safe! I was really worried about all of those bad guys out there playing lunar mini golf!

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