A Tasty Treat from Pepsi Foods Hong Kong

Stuart brought home two new treats for us to try. These are two bags of Cheetos from Hong Kong. In America, Cheetos are made under the Frito-Lay name, a subsidiary of Pepsico. But in Hong Kong, that little red symbol in the top right corner of the bag that usually reads "Frito-Lay" actually reads "Pepsi Foods"...at least that's what Stuart was told. And the bags are really interesting since the only word we can read at all is the "Cheetos" name.

Stuart had to ask someone what the flavors were since they are both very unlike anything we've tried before and we've tried lots of "salty snacks" (business jargon for "junk food"). The Cheetos in the blue bag are Peanut flavor. They are the same shape as regular Cheetos minus the neon orange color. They taste like an authentic oriental peanut flavored dish. Interesting flavor but between the three of us that can eat salty snacks, we failed to finish one small bag.

Now the purple bag is an entirely different story. These are Brazilian Barbeque flavored. They look nothing like a Cheeto. They are triangle-shaped and ridged, much like a Bugle chip. And the flavor is totally awesome. We finished off that bag he brought home. He managed to sweet talk himself into getting two more bags which were quickly devoured at home. We have learned that they can be found at an oriental market called Komart and possibly Asia World. I'm excited! I think a trip to an oriental market will make for an interesting outing for Nicholas and Rachel! I'm sure we'll come home with all kinds of unusual foods and drinks to try.

Stuart and I are really excited about a summer camp that Frito-Lay is offering to children of their employees. Each Friday during the summer, they offer a half day camp at the Frito Lay Headquarters. There are fun sports activities, scavenger hunt, nature walk complete with bug catching and bug racing, animal watching, etc. But what's really neat is that each camp has a short session that teaches the children about the Frito-Lay business such as a tour of the R&D department (I'm so jealous!), learning about how taste buds work, how their products are made, making their own snack mix, recycling, and Products From Around the World day. We can pick and choose which of these camps to send him to. We'd love to send him to all of them but he's already got other camps, VBS, and swim lessons scheduled for the summer and there's only so much time (and money!) to go around.

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