Boomerang Express

Nicholas was invited to a week long Vacation Bible School in Grapevine which he attended this week. The program was called Boomerang Express and had an outback, Australian theme. Nicholas has had fun playing with his friend each morning but he also learned about living his life for Jesus. Tonight the church put on a Family Fun Night. There was a play and all of the kids sang the Boomerang Express theme song on stage. There were tons of carnival games and bounce houses. Nicholas' favorite was a giant alligator bounce house where you crawl through his body, up stairs, down slides, etc. He sure burned off some of that endless energy of his!

It's been hot here even at night so we were all glad to take a break and enjoy some carnival food. Nicholas liked his nachos so much that he wanted to drink the leftover cheese! Eewww!

Stuart has been working on putting bigger tires on our Jeep so it can tackle some gnarly off-road trails. I think this Jeep's tires might be big enough!

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