Farm Fresh Foods

This morning, we let Daddy sleep in while Nicholas, Rachel, and I went to the Bartonville Farmer's Market. We've never been to this Farmer's Market but I heard good things about from a friend at Burb Mom. We usually have lazy weekend mornings lounging around half the day in our PJs. But it felt good to be up and out the door before 8 am enjoying the crisp morning air, ready to make a fresh start to the day and taking my children on a new excursion to gather healthy fresh foods for our family. A Farmer's Market first thing in the morning. I felt healthier just driving there. So what did I give Nicholas for breakfast? A chocolate Poptart and some milk to eat on the way there. Hmmm, so much for a healthier start to the day!

It was a small farmer's market but there was some great produce. We stocked up on some basic things but also bought some unusual things to try like an oriental cucumber, lebanese zucchini, purple bell peppers, and farm fresh brown eggs.

On the way to the market, Nicholas said we had to be sure to get some fresh corn. So he was excited to pick out his own corn. He thought 5 was a good number.

Of course, no outdoor excursion is complete without a little mandatory bug hunting. Nicholas found a cool centipede-type bug and he even caught the tiniest little black frog I've ever seen. We tried to get a picture of the froggy but he hopped away too quickly.

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