Surveying the Damage

It has been rainy and windy all day today but nothing like last night. We are glad to have electricity because some of our friends nearby still don't have theirs back on. Nicholas has asked a lot of questions about why storms can be so dangerous. We talked to him about it but I thought we'd drive around the neighborhood and see if we could find some first hand damage from the storm to show him just how powerful wind can be.

It was hard just getting out of the house. As soon as the rain would die down, I'd get Rachel in her car seat, get Nicholas to put his shoes on, get out umbrellas, and open the front door only to find that another torential downpour had begun. We tried this three times before it actually cleared up enough to let us out of the house without getting drenched.

We drove around our neighborhood and a few surrounding neighborhoods. Every street was the same with at least one tree completely fallen. The most often tree found lying on the ground? Of course, it was a Bradford Pear. Such pretty trees but so weak.

Nicholas noticed how weird the sky looked. He said that it looked like a carton of eggs that are upside down and the eggs are about to fall on our heads. It reminded us of a book that we love, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, in which food falls from the sky and people never have to go to the grocery store. So we both made a request to the clouds to please scramble our eggs before raining them down on us.

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