Sweet Little Rachel

Rachel is such a happy baby and she loves going on our outings. Thank goodness because we are always going! But when she's tired you can tell because she pops that little thumb in her mouth.

Her first table food is squishy green peas. She loves them!

I put some peas on her high chair and I just love watching her try to grab them with her little fingers. Sometimes she just smashes several of them in her little fist. She usually gets the ones she's after and most of them manage to make it into her mouth, except for these that I found in her seat....

Tonight, Stuart came over to Rachel while she was eating puffs in her high chair. She grabbed a puff and held it out for him. He proudly ate it. One could say that she didn't even know that puff was stuck to her hand. One could say that she was just stretching out her hand which she does at random sometimes. However, to a proud daddy, she was showing him affection by offering him that puff!

I usually like to read books at bedtime but Rachel gets so excited that it needs to be more of a daytime event. She sits in my lap and watches as I pull out one of her board books to read. She instantly starts laughing and bouncing up and down in my lap. She laughs at each page and then tries to eat it. She likes to hold the book herself and try to turn the pages but when that doesn't go well she just sticks the whole thing in her mouth.

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