Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Stuart!

We started the morning with Father's Day presents for Stuart. We got him some books on photography techniques. Stuart liked the books but Rachel was the most excited about the present. She was obsessed with the shiny gold tissue paper that had been in the gift bag. It was sparkly and made an awesome crinkly sound when batted around in the air or smashed on the floor.

Even though Nicholas knew that the gifts I bought for Daddy were from both him and Rachel, he still insisted on giving Daddy two special gifts that he picked out on his own - from his room. He gave Daddy a little ladybug that he made about 6 months ago and his Blastball trophy. Aww, isn't he the sweetest?

Stuart is a pancake lover. He makes pancakes for us almost every weekend - and they are good! He usually does something a little special for Nicholas and makes special "baby pancakes" for him. They aren't silver dollar pancakes. They are really just dribbles of pancake batter that accidentally dripped on the griddle and cooked. Little tiny things you can hardly even taste. Nicholas loves them although I think he really just loves that Daddy makes them especially for him. So when I saw these cute little pancake molds, I had to get them so Daddy could make special pancakes for Nicholas.

We overlooked some key directions on how to use the molds so next time they'll come out even better but I think they are pretty cute as is. There is a lion, monkey, and elephant in the set.

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Dads out there. May your pancakes be fluffy and never stick!

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