Busy Day

Whew! What a busy day. It started with running errands - grocery shopping, mailing birthday presents to loved ones, going to the library to check out books and pick up Nicholas' summer reading log, signing up for Vacation Bible School and a few other summer activities, including a Super Hero summer camp! Then we had a quick lunch and off to play in the fountains with friends before rushing off to swim lessons. We made it back home and had some time to play and relax in the pool before I had to go in and start making the chicken kabobs for dinner. Then it was bath time and bed for the two little ones. Finally Stuart and I had some quite time at the end of the day and we were just exhausted as usual.

Rachel held up amazing well today, as busy as it was. She likes to sleep a lot but she rarely sleeps in the car anymore because big brother makes things too exciting in the backseat. So when we have a lot of running around to do, she just goes with the flow until we can get back home to her crib.

Rachel wanting so badly to crawl. When she's lying on her tummy she can turn herself around in a circle so that she can face any direction that she wants to and she can roll from one side of the room to the other if she wants to. But she just can't figure out this silly crawling forward thing. She still kicks her feet up and holds her hands up like she's trying to fly. So cute!

And she is just so easy when it comes to bedtime. She gets a warm bubbly bath. She loves to look at herself in the mirror after her bath when she is wrapped up in her hooded towel. That always gets a few giggles from her. Then she gets a little lotion rub before putting on her little pajamas. Then she nurses and we read a few stories and cuddle. I put her in her crib and she will usually smile a little and roll to her left side to sleep.


  1. Does that Super Hero summer camp happen to be at WinKids next week? Tuesday & Thursday 9-12? Reese will be there if that's what Nicholas signed up for!

  2. Yes it's at WinKids but it's the Monday and Wednesday camp 9-12. I wish we could have gotten them in the same class. Nicholas would have been so excited! Are you guys doing any of their other camps?