Send Love

We love the praise team at Fellowship Church! We've been worshiping with them for 5 years now and have loved watching them grow into an incredible sensation known worldwide. Even Nicholas is a big fan!

When Stuart serves as a camera operator for the weekend services, he gets a DVD copy of the entire service so that he can review his work. Nicholas likes to watch the music portion of the DVD and he can recognize most of the band members.

We play Fellowship Church CDs in the car as we are driving around. Nicholas knows most of the words and we sing along together at the top of our lungs (poor Rachel has to listen to us helplessly). Nicholas will often say, "That sounds like Dex." or "That sounds like Jessica" (although he will also say that sometimes when we are listening to a song by a different band).

This video clip is a few months old. This is Nicholas singing "Send Love" from the Fellowship Church Worship team's Closer To The Start album. He was four years old at the time and he learned the words simply by listening as I played the song in the car. What's most impressive is that he is singing this completely acapella!

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