Rachel is 8 months old

Oh my sweet little baby girl is growing up too fast! She is 8 months old today!

Rachel loves snacking on her little Gerber puffs. She knows what the container looks like and starts squealing when I get it out of the pantry. This morning she snacked on some and then wanted to play with the container. I let her play with it while I washed up the dishes from breakfast. I heard her get excited in her high chair. I looked over at her and found that she had opened the container and dumped all of the puffs on her tray. Look how proud she is of herself!

Napping on Mommy at the end of a long busy day.

Rachel is quite a little sitter now. She sits for long times and is able to recover quite well when she starts to flop over. Look at that cute belly!

I caught some video of Rachel in the bath tub the other night. She usually just has a ball splashing in the water. But this night she did even more. I was impressed to see her pull herself from a reclined position into a sitting position. But then she really surprised me when she pulled herself up from sitting into a kneeling position to try to get a better look at the shiny silver faucet.

Rachel nows says, "Mamamama" and "Dadadadada". It's just babbling and probably not really referring to either of us specifically but Stuart is proud of the fact that she started saying "Dadadadadada" about a week before "Mamamamama".

Happy 8 months little Rachel!

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