Welcome Summer!

Summer is here. You know how I know? Because we are in the pool every single day! Today was Rachel's first time in a swimming pool. She loved it.

Here's Rachel sitting pretty in her Bumbo seat wearing her little swimsuit. I think she was a little startled at the time of this picture, perhaps because of the five year old boy screaming and jumping around at the other end of the pool. But look how she turned her little feet inwards like she did as a newborn. So cute!

When Nicholas was little, we got him a little inflatable swim boat that held him up in the water as we pulled him around the pool. Of course, it didn't survive all these years but we found the same boat again and bought one for Rachel. At first, she was only interested in chewing on the little toys on the boat.

Look at these cute little chubby arms. Just makes me want to pinch them!

Rachel enjoyed having me pull her around in her little boat and she seemed completely at ease. As a matter of fact, here she is pretending to drive a convertible with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hanging out the side window! Isn't she tough looking?

There is no sweeter sound than the giggles and laughter of a child!

Rachel enjoyed her little boat but not nearly as much as she enjoyed being in my arms where she could splash the water. Boy, she is a splasher! She was giggling the whole time even with the water splashing all over her face.

After swimming, Stuart grilled burgers and we ate outside by the pool. We talked and laughed and were totally relaxed. Of course, Stuart's photographic eye is always on the lookout for interesting lighting effects so he had to snap this picture of Nicholas looking at a candle. Neat pic.

What a perfect day!

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  1. Yahoo Summer! We HAVE to get the kids together this summer!!!!

    I am working on an award post and I am giving you one! It will be up in a bit. :)