How To Calm a Fussy Baby

Surely Rachel must be teething. She gets these fussy fits and almost nothing seems to help calm her down. Most babies love pacifiers for their soothing effects. Rachel likes them too but not the way they are intended to be used. Most babies suck on the soft nipple part of the pacifier but Rachel will make one or two sucks then pull it out and start gnawing on the hard plastic shell and handle. She finds it fascinating but it doesn't soothe the way sucking a pacifier should.

Although she doesn't like a pacifier, she does suck her thumb. But she only does it when she is tired so it's a great way to know that it's sleepy time for her. And this baby loves to sleep. She always has. She was sleeping through the night at around 2 weeks old. I was so worried about her not waking up during the night that I was constantly checking on her because it just didn't seem right. But the doctor told me that everything was fine and that I should just relax and be grateful. She usually goes to bed fine but sometimes lately, especially at night, she has been fussier than usual.

Stuart finds innovative ways to calm her down. She is fascinated with his cell phone so the other night when he was putting her to bed and she got really fussy he just pulled out his phone and she was mesmerized. He used it to play music for her and then a video of Nicholas. She was distracted enough by it that she forgot what she had been fussing about.

Of course, cuddling always makes her happy and she loves to cuddle with her Daddy.

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