Cows in Danger

As I've mentioned before, Nicholas loves to play a game he created called Man vs. Wild. He obviously likes to watch the show of the same name. He also likes the simliar show, Survivorman. We have a debate in our household about which show is better but that's a different story.

Nicholas has learned some interesting survival techniques and facts about nature from watching these shows. As we are pretending to be stranded in the wild, he often likes to teach me all that he knows about "roughing it" in our backyard.

Today we were driving to the store and passed a pasture of cows. Nicholas said, "Oh no! Those cows are in danger!" I looked at the pasture and saw nothing of danger so I asked the little guy what he saw. He said that there was some shallow water in the pasture. He said that Man vs. Wild taught him that crocodiles like to hide in shallow water and will attack their unsuspecting prey from there. He said that the cows were surely going to get eaten by a crocodile!

Too darn cute! I don't know of many crocodiles in our little Texas town especially any that would hide in a cow pasture. This little guy sure can make me smile!

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