A Little Bit of Jealousy

I wrote yesterday about how much Nicholas loves his little sister. However, as you can expect, he also realizes that he isn't the center of the universe anymore. Although he is very sweet about everything, we can still occasionally see little signs of jealousy. For example, he used to be great about running to tell me when Rachel has woken up from her nap and started crying. He doesn't do that anymore. Sometimes I will start to go get her and he will say, "She's ok. Just stay and play with me for a few more minutes."

There's also been a few other incidents which are kind of funny but they also make me sad that he is feeling left out at times. Stuart and I were playing with Rachel and saying how cute it is when she grabs her little feet. Nicholas flopped to the floor and grabbed his feet and said, "Look, I can grab my feet too!"

Another time, I had finished bathing Rachel in her infant tub but hadn't emptied it yet. I brought her to her room to put her pajamas on. When I came back to the bathroom to empty out her tub, I found Nicholas playing it it! He is way too big for it but I guess he wanted to see what it was like!

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