Having a Blast at Home

We've had lots of fun today! We played outside in the mud and collected lots of neat rocks, mulch, leaves and even a few ants and a moth. We played with squirt guns and bubbles. And we even played a game that Nicholas created called "Man vs. Wild" which he obviously he has taken from the show of the same name. Like the guy on the show, we pretend that we are stranded out in the wild, whether it's a rain forest or a blizzard, and we have to find our own shelters, hunt for our own food, and fight off wild creatures.

Well this was a fun start to Swine Break '09. I must say that I felt a little less defensive about keeping Nicholas home from school yesterday when LISD (Lewisville Independent School District) announced this afternoon that they will be closed all next week due to swine flu. Nicholas' preschool follows LISD closings so they will be closed as well. In addition, the following school districts have also completely shut down until May 11th: Slidell ISD, Alvord ISD, Ponder ISD, Fort Worth ISD, and Cleburne ISD.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 28 Texas swine flu cases as of today. Fourteen cases are in North Texas. But there are more cases that are listed as probable and awaiting test results.

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